One day we the faithful we will be Raptured out of here, but we do not know when.
So, you may need a good quality water filter or your family who get left behind will need clean water to drink. And if the power is out the water will soon follow
Then you will need a high quality watyer filter and NOT a Britta or anything you buy at the Big Box Store

You will NEED A PREMIUM HIGH PERFORMANCE WATER FILTER to be sure your water is safe to drink. There are many water born diseases and some can make you violently ill and some can kill you.

There are several options available to you, but the cheapest option is to build your own filter system using two plastis pails and a high performance filter that will filter out about everything that can harm you.

Here are some filter options for you to consider:
With this we like and have used the CeraMetix GF filter and we found it a very good option for you.

Here are three good water filters that will filter water from a creek, pond, swimming pool and make it safe to drink.
We like the ceramic filters as you can clean them up with a green Scotch Brite pad when they clog up or slow down and they will filter water like new again.

In our instructions we use the Black Berkey filters, you can use what you like and the filter that will work best for you.

HOW TO BUILD A PREMIUM HIGH PERFORMANCE WATER FILTER (cheap) to be sure your water is safe to drink

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