by Watchman Gary Mooney


May 20, 2020

The time is swiftly approaching where every American will be required to make a decision. A decision will be unavoidable rather to take or not take the COVID-19 vaccine, now in production, which will be undoubtability made mandatory.

President Trump has been coerced or pressured by scientist and doctors like Dr. Anthony Fauci, who have conflict of interest with Big Pharma, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and by vaccine producers. A White House initiative has been started called, “Warp Speed” to develop a Covid-19 vaccine. An ex-exeutive with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) pharmacuetical company has been appointed as a ‘vaccine Tsar’ to oversee this vaccination program. In addition, a military general has been assignment to the team to assure a swift vaccination roll-out by end of year.

President Trump unveiled more details of “Operation Warp Speed” meant to accelerate the development of a vaccine by January, 2021. The president confirmed the names of the leaders of the project……Former GSK executive Slaoui and Gen.Gustave Perna will be the military operating officer of the program to expedite administering the vaccine. [Note: Slaoui was head of GSK research and development during time of case of fraud. details how GSK plead guilty and paid $3 Billion to resolve the fraud allegations and failure of to report safety data.]

The truth about this virus is hard to pin-down. There has been so much misinformation with political intrigue, with so much hype, with mortality, and severity rates being impossible to determine. If sticking to historical evidence, like the common flu, it can be said that, “This virus is not going away any time soon. Experts are revealing it will be from 18 months to 5 years before the virus is under control. As it is not possible to keep the world economies locked down much longer, thus the rush to develop and vaccinate.

Mike Adams at from his sientific background and research, believes Trump is being led into a devastating trap. Being advised to begin slow re-opening of the economy, using the promise of a soon coming vaccine and return to normalcy. However, the evidence clearly shows there is little chance of an effective vaccine being developed. ( website stated under title, “Warp Speed” coronavirus vaccine effort with new program is probably not possible).

The WHO is also doubtful.
As this mad rush proceeds to develop and distribute this vaccine, questions are arising as to its effectiveness, safety, and as to who will be made to receive it. The truth is that there are few answers being provided. Concerning safety, it normally takes 18 months are longer to test a vaccine. The Big Pharma vaccine companies have always maintained the safety of vaccines irregardless of disputing evidence. [Be aware Big Pharma is the largest lobbyist and campaign contributors to politicians. Their influence on hospital systems, educational institutions, medical schools, and medical industry is well established.

Beside the safety issue, is the poor effective of many vaccines like the flu which can be as low as 5%. This inability to develop a new vaccine each year is due to the nature of virus to mutate, especially this novel coronavirus. It is already being reported of at least 10 new strains of the virus is circulating around the world. It has been reported in China that a second wave of an even more serious covid-19 is breaking out. There is much talk of a second wave of this virus into late summer and early fall. [Note: The infamous Spanish Flu, had a first wave, only to be followed by an even more deadly wave during 1917 thru 1918.] There in lays the trap Trump will face if the nation is forced to go into a new lockdown, just when the economy is trying to return to normal.

Now as to the latest real truth on the coronavirus vaccine development. Referencing Wikipedia, “Currently there are no RNA vaccines approved for any type vaccine for human use. ” Keep this important point in mind for later in the discussion. As evidence is increasing that boosting one’s immune system with health goods, vitamines and natural herbal products are helpful, yet the powers that be, are brainwashing the populace through their control of all mainstream media against any remedial treatments short of vaccination.

One can not discuss vaccines without revealing Bill Gates and his foundation who in recent years has been very vocal in vaccinations. Gates is currently promoting and even demanding that lockdowns continue until an effective vaccine is ready. Gates also is calling for a method to assure any vaccinated person can be identified with a mark or tattoo. His proposal adheres to the U.N. ID2020 global initiative to give every human a personal unique ID. [Note: For many Christians this will be a problem as it sounds to much like “The Mark of the Beast”. More about this later.]

It has been reported that Bill Gates as donated $600 billion to the World Health Organization (WHO) giving him a strong influence over its decision. China has been shown to also have applied tremenous force to influence the WHO concerning the initial coronavirus outbreak and subsequent health decisions coming from the UN organization. Furthermore, it is no coincidence that Gates in 2019, performed an excercise called the Event 20l Scenario. The event 201 simulated an outbreak of a novel zoonotic (animal derived) coronavirus.

It was modeled largely on SARS , a very lethal coronavirus real outbreak in 2015. As there was no vaccine or treatment, the model revealed the whole human poupulation was susceptable during the initial months of the pandemic, with cumulative number of cases increasing exponentially. The model continued for 18 months with 65 million deaths. This excercise was backed by research using John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and funded through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Quoting John Hopkins, “For the scenario, we modeled a fictional coronavirus scenario, we modeled a fictional coronavirus pandemic…… the excercise served to highlight preparedness…..

Gates speaking at an event hosted by Massachettes Medical Society and the New England Journal of Medicine on April 27, 2018, where he compared future deadly global pandemics to a new type of “military weapon”. Note the reference to a bioweapon which is a chilling statement now that the Covid-19 has be documented to be a man-made virus. Experts like Dr. Francis Boyle who was the author of the protocols for the U.S. government on bioweapon research, and he warned of the danger. He now is working to eliminated all this bioweapon research to prevent an event just like just happened with, rather accidental or planned release of a deadly virus new to humanity, thus no immunity.

Gates has been involved in many reported cases of harm and even deaths and sterilization of children in India and some African nations where his foundation was forefront in vaccination campaigns. At the website steemit was an article titled, “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation kicked out of India. Thousands of Indian children were used to test a Gardasil 9 vaccine without warning of the possible side effects. Hundreds of 100,000s of children were reported harmed, even dying. When all this was coming out into the open an attempt to cover this all up was also made with the help of bought up Indian Health officials. Eventually Gates Foundation was brought under trial in the Supreme Court of India, and in a couple of months kick-out of India. Of course a denial campaign was kicked into high gear to refute the facts.

In a Washington Times article appeared titled, “Bill Gates and his coronavirus conflicts of interest”, where it said, “… day after Gates announced the infusion of millions of dollars into a WHO partnered venture called COVID-10 THERAPEUTIC ACCELERATION, that dangled the prospect of putting more regulatory powers into the hands of the globalists elitists - one day after that, WHO’s director general made an interesting announcement……”We have therefore made the accessment that covid-19 be characterized as a pandemic.” Coincidence? Perhaps? But there’s a lot of money and power and influence to be made with this coincidence! The main point to be made about Gates, can he be trusted to do what is right for humanity.

The evidence would say NO!
[Note: There are many videos and articles online that show that Gates is a eugenics promoter, just like his dad, who propose to reduce th world’s population drastically. The Georgia Guidestone’s (a stonehedge type monument in state of Georgia) outlines the globalist goals. First goal is to reduce earth’s population to 500 million- over a 85% reduction. What better way than through programed soft-kill vaccines.

The final word, is that Bill and Melinda and The Rockafeller Foundations have a monopoly on Global Health. As part of the global vaccination protocal, Gates and his partnerships throughout all the medical establishment, includes a worldwide totalitarian surveillance regime. Gates, through his wealth, has created a gigantic influence over global health and political control in many areas. This has allowed him to be able to lead the pandemic response. As an example, Gates has direct ties to Dr. Fauci, Trumps vaccine advisor, through collaborative projects and funding like with Mercola vaccine developer. For a more detailed overview, go to: [or browse using key words, MERCOLA Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health]

Now having documented using Gates as an example, there is much evidence that big money and politics are driving the responses to the covid pandemic. Much of the responses are of nefarious intentions. One of the largest intents is to fulfill the globalists long active plan to destroy the U.S. through an economic collapse. This virus has certainly been the black swan event to pull down America’s economic house of cards. Returning to the question, do the facts on a supposedly soon coming vaccine and its safety seems to be questionable.

As previously stated, Trumps comparing the vaccine development to the “Manhattan Project” during WWII to save America. He is counting on the vaccine to rapidly be administered by using every truck, plane, and soldiers to destribute and inject as many people as quickly as possible. As Mike Adams related, Trump could be sitting himself up for failure if the everything does not go as hoped. If not, then his re-election may not be attainable as he will get all the blame. The outcome seems like a long-shot as this yet completed RNA vaccine is a totally new type and never before approved for human use. Quoting from :

“Vaccine cirumvent this whole process by teaching your body how to defeat a pathogen without getting sick. The two most common types- and the ones your probably most familiar with - are inactiated and live viruses. In activatd vaccines contain pathogens that have been killed. Live vaccines on the other hand are made of living pathogens that have been weakened (or attenuated). They’re highly effective but are prone to side effects than their inactivated counter parts. Inctivated and live vaccines are what we consider traditional approaches.

There are a number of Covid-19 vaccine candidates of both types, and for good reason: they’re established and we know how to test and manufacture them. The downside is that they’re time-consuming to make. There’s a ton of material in each dose. Most of the material is biological, which means you have to grow it. That takes time, unfortunately. [As to the new vaccine type]….. Here is how RNA vaccine works: rather than injecting a pathogen’s antigen into the body, you instead give the body the genetic code needed to produce that antigen itself…..your immune system attacks them, and learns how to defeat future intruders in the process…..You essentially turn your body into its own manufacturing unit…. That makes them much faster to manufacture. THERE IS A CATCH, THOUGH: WE DON’T KNOW FOR SURE YET IF RNA IS A VIABLE PLATEFORM FOR A VACCINE.

[Note: The type vaccine being developed, has never before been produced, tested, or released for public use!] Now concerning using DNA technology……[to make a new vaccine] is actually gene therapy…..These injected genes permanently alter the genetic makeup of the recipient in UNKNOWN WAYS.

The RNA vaccine would carry the danger of triggering autoimmune reactions. The vaccine that is being tapped by the US government….. through the drug company Moderna [Note: Same company Gates has an interest.]…..has never been used on the public before…..and this is the vaccine being rushed into existence in 90 days!” Written by Journalist Jon Rappoport.

Another concern is what ingrediants are in vaccines like the flu shots. A list of some of the ingredients in many vaccines is:

Formaldehyde: Increased risk of asthma and allergies in kids. Used to inactivate viruses and detoxify bacterial toxins. Also is a known carcinogen.

Aluminum salts: Aluminum in its elemental state can cause neurological damage to cellular biochemistry and suspected to increase chance of dementia and Alzheimers in elderly.

Thimerosol: Mercury containing preservative.

Squalene: MF59 used as adjuvent and suspected of causing harm to the immune system.

Growing Medium for Viruses: Human cell strains, including aborted fetal tissue, animal cell strains, cancer cells, and GMO’s, recombinate DNA technology.

To really get a reality check, watch the listed video of interview which has gone viral on internet with over a million views with Dr. Judy Mikovits. She, like many other virologists and epidemologist have been jailed, harshed, threatened, blackmailed, and even suicided for daring to expose the decades old cabal attempts to coverup many nefarious scientific and medical frauds by the globalists. Dr. Mikovits has a best selling book just published, “Plague of Corruption” that is beyond horrific in its exposure of the truth.

Using a none google browser like to bypass the rampant censorship now in play by all our mainstream media and internet gaints, go to: and look for video using hashtags like After Plandemic, Dr. Judy Mikovits. If this fails try:


[Most important information to consider about the soon arriving covid vaccine]

1. Irregradless of what has been said, it will in one way or another be mandatory to receive any developed vaccine. At the least, it will be coerced by requiring anyone refusing vaccation to self-quarantine at home which at this time is looking more like indefinitely. There is even now a US House bill - HR6666 (not a coincidence in the number used in my opinion) to fund and require contact tracing and surveillance of every American for Covid immunity before being allowed to enter back into society. It will be used to trace and monitor the contacts of infected individuals, and to support the quarantine of such contacts through mobile health units and, as necessary….. quarantine at residence of any exposed, unvaccinated, or those who can not prove immunity.

This means the government can come to any home, tap on the door and demand you take a Covid 19 test. If positive, it will be demanded to stay at home with condition of having a separate bathroom from other family members and ability using space separation and protective material like masks, to protection other residential members of household. If not able to carry-out mandated “conditions”, infected individual can be removed and placed in a separate faculity like those FEMA camps we keep reading about. Do not be deceived into thinking this cannot occur in America, it already has been done in China. Also do not expect your constitutional rights to be followed. America, is more each passing day, loosing its rights as lawlessness is ever increasing.

2. Concerning this totally new type RNA/DNA vaccine. This novel (new) proposed vaccine has never before be used on a human (At least that we know). It will by-pass many of the standard testing and safety protocals. The unknown side effects could be horrendous but will not be exposed until 300+ million guinea pigs (us) have received the vaccination.

3. Can we trust the government or the numerous agencies, globalists minions, and un-elected officials that rule over us? As an example, the WHO as discussed, has been compromised by bribes (think Gates) and controlled by Communist China who certainly never cared about human rights. Another example, is the CDC which is a quasi-government agency, but in truth is a private corporation funded primarily by Big Pharma, Top Tier Research Universities, and large corporate conglomerations, who influence their decisions concerning our lives and health. They are no more federal than FedEx, just like the Federal Reserve which is also another privately held company that controls every aspect of our lives because they control our money. One of the primary entities behind our central bank, the Fed, are the Rothschild worldwide banking cabal. Using a quote from one of their family members, “I care not who rules a nation, as long as I control their money,then I control them!” If there ever was an understatement, that is it.

4. Many like Bill Gates and politicians working to increase their dictatorial power and control and removal of constitutional rights, are pushing for a personal ID for every citizen in our nation, including the world. The UN backed ID2020 Manifesto is an alliance of partners sharing the belief that individuals must have “ownership” over their own identity. In 2018, the ID2020 Alliance, working in partnership with the United Nations High Commision for Refugees, drafted a formal articulation of their perspective on approaches to digital identification. The concern for all Christians is that the push for a unique identifier will morph into a mandatory and governmental controlled “Mark of the Beast” forbidden by God as outlined in Scripture. In Book of Revelations, this mark will be used by the coming One World Government and Antichrist system to control every person on earth. The ultimate goal being that no one can buy or sell or exist unless they give their lives over to the this one world government, economic, and religious system. The freedom to follow God’s commandments will be eliminated.

5. Technological advances have progressed light-years beyond what most are aware. The human body, who’s design is beyond imagination and complexity with each individual having a unique DNA harmonic electrical resonance as unique as a finger print. As mentioned, the covid vaccine will manipulate and forever change a person’s DNA. Most important to be aware, that numerous new technological advances exist to in essense take control of ones mind, soul, and body. Note that Scripture warns that anyone receiving the Mark of the Beast, will become irredeemable, regardless if they are a professing Christian. The mark/injection/insertion will make the recipient non-human in God’s eyes, thus nullifying any chance for salvation.

6. As the evidence is revealing, the chance for an effective vaccine is probably unattainable. Yet, for nefarious reasons and profits, the vaccine will be required resulting in dire consequences. Even then, more and more vaccines will be required as this virus and others mutate. It is already being reported in China of a new coronavirus appearing that is more lethal, much like the second wave of the Spanish Flu. To understand the horrific possible affects on humanity - go to the below listd website. and watch the video titled: AI: the Plan to Invade Humanity.
[As always, if having difficulty in accessing a website or video due to censorship, try using a browser besides the normal google big tech entities.]


Over the last few years, I have become accutely aware of the average person’s ability to rationalize away so many threats to their own and their families well-being. As an example, many reading this article will immediately do a browser search on vaccination safety. Innumerable websites will pop up refuting any anti-vaccine site as a conspiracy. They are oblivious to the fact that the internet and mainstream media are controlled by just a few globalist corporations (aka Bill and Melinda Gates and The Rockafeller Foundations ) and government agencies who’s only goal is to coverup any thought, idea, or truth not politically correct and approved by the Deep State. To quash any attempt to reveal the truth to the average person, only requires using a few words like conspiracy, Christian Fanatic, Trumper, social terrorist, Nazi, bigot, etc.

I digress, but this article is only attempting to caution against falling into the trap of decades of pyschological programing by a cabal of controlled media, educational, corporate, political propaganda, and lobotimized critical thinking skills. Even the most educated of people, can not comprehend the brainwashing and lying that has overwhelmed this nation.

As a Christian, I have learned- mostly the hard way- that there are many different truths held by many concerning most important ideas, beliefs, idealogy, and doctrines. However, there is always only one real truth. The challenge is to seek and find the truth. In the last few of life, I have learned to trust the Bible to lead me. One revelation was to “Believe no man’s word, but seek God’s word as He is the author of all truth”. Another hard learned lesson, again seeking God’s word where He says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge”.

Up until just recently, I took this verse at face value, meaning that people just need to be given the true facts. Yet, that was like jousting at a windmill. I now understand the truth behind this quote. It is not that people do not have the facts or truth, but when confronted with the absolute truth, they refuse to accept it, especially if it goes against their self-preceived paradigm. In psychology, they refer to these tendencies as cognitive dissonance or normacy bias. That being said, I am just cautioning against immediately dismissing the information but seek the truth for yourself. Anyone seeking the truth with due diligence, can find it, especially if they first seek God with their whole heart, mind, soul, and strength, the Creator of all is faithful to give the answers or lead one to the truth.

P.S. As I finished this article, I came across a good internet post explaining one of the important issues about this pandemic as to when it will cess to be a problem. The internet site below may answer or at least get closer to the truth.


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