Watchman Tony Lamb


We were attending a small Assembly of God church in Western rural Arkansas.
Our pastor told us a true story.

It seemed in the 30's in dust bowl Oklahoma there was a time when it had not rained a drop of rain in several weeks.
Crops had already died from lack of rain and now livestock was suffering from lack of grass and water also.

These were dire times, there was no food stamps, or any government assistance what so ever. If you did not work or produce you and your family went hungry.

A small group of religious men all farmers and ranchers had agreed to meet at a small rural church and as they were in dire straights, each man agreed they would meet at this small rural church and they would fast and pray non-stop until it rained no matter how long it took.

When the day and hour arrived for their prayer vigil these men drove up in their old ran-shack vehicles, parked and several men had gathered outside the church to see who else would show up.

Then an old run down pick up truck pulled up and parked in the dry dusty parking lot. When the door opened and the man got out of his truck the other men noticed he was wearing 'galoshes'.

Out of the 12 men that showed up to fast and pray for rain that day only one man had the faith that God was going to make it rain that he showed up wearing galoshes.

The men all agreed to stay and fast and pray until it rained no matter how long it took. They agreed that someone would be in prayer at all times during their vigil day and night 24 hours a day.

They began praying and they prayed into the night, they took shifts praying so that someone was at all times in prayer. They prayed all that night and all the next day and still not a sign of rain. So they prayed on and no one left, they all prayed on. They were resolute and prayed even harder.

Then the second day arrived and they were still in prayer for rain. But there was not a cloud anywhere in the sky.
They prayed on then the morning of the third day they were still resolute to continue in prayer and fasting until God answered their prayers.
They prayed on even harder and not one man left.

The group of 12 men prayed on, but on the evening of the third day a cloud came up out of the west and then it started to rain.
And the 12 men gave thanks to Almighty God for answering their prayers and causing it to rain upon the earth.

The man with galoshes was the only one who had enough faith that he was prepared for the rain as he had wore his galoshes to the meeting and now he needed them Thanks Be To God.

I was contacted by the Holy Spirit one night and the Holy Spirit told me:

I thought that was a strange command and I truly did not understand what he meant by it.
So I prayed and prayed on this message from the Holy Spirit and finally the Holy Spirit give me this scripture.

Acts 2:17
And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.

Then Holy Spirit told me we were in the last days and that God was about to pour out his spirit like rain from upon high. Revival was coming to America and the whole earth.

So I was to wear my galoshes for the Holy Rain to be poured out upon all flesh.

Are you wearing your 'galoshes'?

I carry my Bible with me where ever I go, out shopping, restaurants, doctors offices everywhere. If you see me out without my Bible it's because I have given my Bible away!

Maybe you should consider 'Picking up your cross (your Bible) and follow Jesus' Remember if you deny Jesus before men Jesus will deny you to the Father.

God Bless you and God keep you

Watchman Tony Lamb

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