Watchman Tony Lamb


In 2016 My wife and I were having a real problem in paying our tithes and donating to our church and we struggled with our bills and what we were suppose to give to our church.

Then I had a dream and in this dream I was standing at a long table with a white tablecloth on it. Now this table went out of my sight to my right and out of sight to my left.

I was thinking that it was such a waste of space to have such a long white table in this huge room. There was a chair and I went up and I sat in the chair and across from me sat a bearded man in sandals and a long white robe. I remember, I was ashamed and I refused to look up into the eyes of this man.

The man never introduced himself, I felt he needed no introduction, I knew who he was. I was ashamed, as I knew I had not done right in my tithes to my church. I was also scared as to what would happen to me.

There was a huge book on the table in front of the man and he opened the book and started to read.

As he read it he would make little sounds like um, uh hu, mmmm and he would turn a page and do the same over and over until he came to one page where he stopped.

The man stared at the page and didn’t say a word for a long while, finally he spoke up and said: ‘I have never seen this before, your our first one’ and paused.

So, still not looking up, I sheepishly asked: ‘What is it’?

The man in the beard and the long robe scratched his beard and said:
‘Congratulations, You’re our Million Dollar Winner’.

I was floored, my mouth literally dropped open, but still I would not look up into the eyes of this man, I was still ashamed and afraid.

Then the man in the Robe asked: ‘What part of that is ours, what part of that is the Lords?’

Then numbers escaped me and I had no concept of numbers and I could not think but I tried to answer and I said: ‘I don’t know Lord, is it $10,000, is it $100,000, I don’t know, you tell me?’

I found myself negotiating with the man in the white robe.

Then I woke up and I went to the foot of my bed and I got on my knees and I cried and I prayed.
I told the Lord it’s all yours I want no part of this, it’s all yours and to please forgive me…

A short time after this dream my wife and I went to Michigan for a short vacation.
While I was there I went to my old General Motors Union Hall to check to see if I had any retirement coming since I had worked for General Motors for over 11 years.

The nice lady there told me I had $188.00 coming from my retirement account every month from General Motors.

I was thinking that since General Motors filed bankruptcy I didn’t think I had anything coming at all.

Then I remembered my dream and how it was all the Lords money.

I give that money as my tithes to my church along with my Kendel money from the sales from my books.

That money is about $40 to $60 per month. But it’s all the Lord’s money.

Then I realized the Lord made a way for me to pay my tithes from money I didn’t even know I had coming.

Thank You Jesus. God always makes a way for us!

I carry my Bible with me where ever I go, out shopping, restaurants, doctors offices everywhere. If you see me out without my Bible it's because I have given my Bible away!

Maybe you should consider 'Picking up your cross (your Bible) and follow Jesus' Remember if you deny Jesus before men Jesus will deny you to the Father.

God Bless you and God keep you

Watchman Tony Lamb


By Tony Lamb

The Bible calls these days The Time of Sorrows
It is also called the Birth Pangs.
Because like birth pains
Our calamities will increase
With frequence
And severity

Now watching the news
Only proves we are in the Time of Sorrows.
The Holy Spirit came to me and told me
That we had entered the Time of Sorrows (Birth Pangs)

I am just a Watchman on the Wall for Jesus Christ with Dreams and Visions

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