Watchman Tony Lamb


I was shown I had a connection with Moses, as he had a stutter and was not a public speaker, 'So I was in good company'.

I was shown I had a connection with Jonah as he ran from God's calling. And I also ran from God's calling.

I was shown I had a connection to Noah as Noah also had only one message he preached for over 100 years while he built the Ark. And like Noah I also have just one message. I have spoken many words but my message has always been and continues to be: to Repent as the Kingdom of God is at hand – The Rapture comes quickly.

Now I am shown I have a connection with Jeremiah the weeping prophet. As God asked Jeremiah to prophesy against the nation of Israel, God's chosen land, against the Jewish people God's chosen people and against Jerusalem – God's Holy City.

And like Jeremiah I weep over this calling of God because the nation of America has been a blessed nation (a chosen nation), the people of America have been God's chosen people (so they think and act) and the cities of America have all been blessed by God.

SO believe me, I do not reap any joy in prophesying against America.

I was shown this Bible verse

Luke 12:48
For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required

Acts 2:17 and 18
And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions; and your old men shall dream dreams

18 And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days my Spirit AND THEY SHALL PROPHESY.

Over a year ago the Holy Spirit came to me and told me that America was entering Judgment. And I cried and I prayed.

A short while after that the Holy Spirit again comes to me and tells me that America was Babylon in the Bible and that I should read Jeremiah 51 and Revelation 18 as it was important. I was also told that America would be destroyed in one hour.

A short time ago the Holy Spirit again comes to me and tells me that we have entered the Time of Sorrows. And just like birth pains America would experience one calamity after another. And just like birth pains they will increase with intensity and frequency.

It will seem as if the perfect storm has descended upon America.

You can already see how this has started, just watch the news.

So many Watchmen are having so many different dreams of disaster scenarios coming upon America. You have a large group of Watchmen having Tsunami dreams and visions. Many of these people are well known such as Perry Stone has had a many Tsunami dreams. It seems that now a lot of Watchmen are having Tsunami dreams as well.

But also Watchmen are getting other catastrophe dreams about America such as the Grid Down dream or the Earthquake dream, Asteroid Strike dream, a Super Volcano dream, War and Civil War dream, Pandemic dream, economic collapse dream. Almost every kind of catastrophe you can think of, some Watchman somewhere has dreamed about it at some time or another.

You may ask what about me? In my Theater dream I dreamed about them all, I do not think any catastrophe was left out. Does that mean they all are going to happen? To tell you the truth I do not know. But I do know this period in American history will become the most difficult ever including the American Civil War.

As God comes to the wicked as an avenger, he comes to the righteous as a redeemer. Isaiah the prophet wrote 26:12 “The Lord is going to keep you in perfect peace – if you’ll simply trust him”.

The Lord says I haven’t given you a spirit of fear but of power, love and sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7.

Even in the most difficult of times we will enjoy great blessing because God will reveal himself as never before.

As these trials open upon America we will have Revival as never before. Many people will seek God's face and God's light. And God's word Please keep in mind the Rapture can and will happen at any time nothing has to happen first.

Are you ready? Time is oh so short. And believe me you do not want to miss the Rapture.

Because then will start a period in history that has never before been seen upon this earth.

A time of trial and tribulation never seen before by mankind. Billions will die and that is just the first 3 ˝ years. Even worse comes in the second half of the Tribulation.


I carry my Bible with me where ever I go, out shopping, restaurants, doctors offices everywhere. If you see me out without my Bible it's because I have given my Bible away!

Maybe you should consider 'Picking up your cross (your Bible) and follow Jesus' Remember if you deny Jesus before men Jesus will deny you to the Father.

God Bless you and God keep you, I pray for all of you

Watchman Tony Lamb


By Tony Lamb

The Bible calls these days The Time of Sorrows
It is also called the Birth Pangs.
Because like birth pains
Our calamities will increase
With frequence
And severity

Now watching the news
Only proves we are in the Time of Sorrows.
The Holy Spirit came to me and told me
That we had entered the Time of Sorrows (Birth Pangs)

I am just a Watchman on the Wall for Jesus Christ with Dreams and Visions

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