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Something Happened That I can Not Explain

The Holy Spirit has contacted me in many ways and many times.
But this time it was different and this time it shocked me to my core and I prayed and I prayed over what this was and what it meant. I didn’t know if I should be scared or if I should feel blessed, I JUST DIDN’T KNOW.

Usually the Holy Spirit gives me a message in dreams or visions or in my heart or in my head and I always hold up what I am given to scripture. I have been woke up in the middle of the night and the Holy Spirit would give me something and I would jump up and write down what the Holy Spirit just gave me, and it’s always insightful and scriptural.

I research what I receive, I hold it up to scripture and I pray over what the Holy Spirit gives me. When I am concerned the Holy Spirit always gives me confirmation one way or the other. And sometimes it’s as simple as thumbing through the Bible and stopping and reading and I am always given something that confirms what I was given was from the Holy Spirit.

One day in early 2018 I had a cup coffee and a rice cake with 3 or 4 bites taken out of it. Now the rice cake was slightly more than half it’s original size but maybe a little less than ¾ of it left. So it was a good size that was left. If you are not familiar with rice cakes they are about the size of a CD but about an inch thick and they are very light and airy.

I went into my bedroom and I sat on the side of my bed near my little end table. I placed the coffee cup on the end table corner closest to me, but then there was no place to put the rice cake, so I placed it on top of the cup of coffee covering the top of the cup.

I literally stared at the cup of coffee and the rice cake for a moment to make sure it would stay put. I stood up and I retrieved my keys from my pocket and decided to put them in my dresser drawer to be more comfortable. I turned and took the 3 steps to my dresser, opened the drawer and placed the keys into the dresser and closed the drawer. I turned around and immediately noticed something was missing, (my rice cake was GONE).

The rice cake was missing and totally gone, (as in vanished), I looked on the table, on the bed, and on the floor I looked everywhere but NO rice cake. NOW I was truly shaken and I was determined to find the missing rice cake.

I was almost in a panic to find the missing rice cake, I am thinking ‘a rice cake simply can NOT disappear’, this was to weird and this kind of thing DOES NOT HAPPEN TO ME.
I looked under the bed, I looked in the bed, I looked everywhere then finally I found the rice cake (IN THE TRASH CAN). How did it get there???

NOW I measured with a tape measure, the trash can to the cup of coffee and it was 12 inches below the cup of coffee and it was 12 inches from the side of the coffee cup to the front side of the trashcan.
There was NOTHING the rice cake could have hit and bounced over into the trashcan as it was on the edge of the table.
It could not roll across the front of the table, toward the trashcan as it was partially eaten and could NOT roll.

There was NO fan, the heat/air vent did not kick on and the only animal in my room was a sleeping cat that never woke up during all this. I repeated my steps and all it took was about 4 to 5 seconds is all I had my back turned.

NOW I was truly shocked and confused and I didn’t know weather to feel blessed or if I should feel terrified over this. (I prayed and I prayed hard over this).

I talked to my pastor about this and he could not offer me anything scriptural or Biblical on what had just happened to me. My Pastor told me to pray on it until the Holy Spirit gave me an answer.

So I prayed for 3 days hard on this very thing and finally the Holy Spirit revealed to me:

‘Not All Things Are Safe To Eat Now’.

I was also told that: ‘Now It Is More Important Than Ever To Say The Blessing Over Everything We Eat And Drink’.

Satan can not stay or live in anything that is blessed in the name of Jesus Christ.

Evil men have been adding chemicals, DNA and GMO products to everything we eat and drink the very air we breath. And even when the package says it’s ‘GMO Free’ they lie and you still can not trust them.

Every time you eat you just may be participating in a cannibalistic, satanic ritual, without even realizing it. HEK-293 is a flavor enhancer added to most (name brand) foods, drinks, cosmetics and drugs. HEK-293 stands for ‘Human Embryonic Kidney’ cells. These human cells were collected from a legally aborted fetus from Europe in 1970 and were cloned and manipulated into HEK293 today. And now today these cloned human aborted fetus cells are prevalent in MOST of the popular food, drink, cosmetics, medications and vaccines on the market today in America. And these aborted fetus cells are now added to our food and drinks with out our knowledge or permission.

Some of these products and manufactures are: All Pepsi products, Doritos and Lays Potato Chips, Quaker Oats products. Ocean Spray beverages, Propel drinks, SoBe beverages, Gatoraide, Fiesta drinks, Tropicana juices, Nestle products, all their coffee creamers, Kraft, Cadbury, Halls Cough drops. Plus many other food and drink products sold in America.

The reasoning behind this is HEK 293 tricks the taste receptors in your tong (and/or your brain) into tasting more sugar (or salt) than what is actually in the product. Thereby the manufacturer can use less (and claim less) sugar (or salt) depending on what variant of HEK 293 you are using.

If you are interested to see if your foods and drinks contain Human aborted fetus cells, contact the manufacturer for information. The name of the company developing HEK-293 and other human embryonic products sold as flavor enhancers is called Senomyx from San Diego CA. Web site at:

IF you contact a food or drink producer DO NOT ask them if they add human kidney cells or aborted baby parts in their food or drinks. They will tell you ‘NO’. But rather ask if they have a business association with Senomyx Corp. or if they use Senomyx flavor enhancers in their products.

Senomyx is rather proud of their advances using HEK293 and they talk about it openly on their web site.

I also learned that when you have a NON-GMO crop, and near that crop you have a GMO crop of the same thing. You will have wind, insects and birds carry the spores from the GMO crop onto the NON-GMO crop and cross pollinate your NON-GMO crop and now it is a GMO crop weather you realize it or not or you wanted it to be or not.

No I did not finish eating the rice cake but I did take one more bite and the Holy Spirit told me to STOP and not eat it. So I did not finish eating the rice cake. I went and I threw the rest of the package of rice cakes away. And since then I have never eaten another rice cake.

So is the next step for these people to include the DNA from Nephilim (Satan's DNA) into our food and drinks to try to alter our DNA without our knowledge?

This was attempted at another time in history. Before the Great Flood, Satan's plan was to corrupt the DNA of every human on the planet.
By doing so then Mary (the Mother of Jesus) would have corrupted DNA and Jesus could never have been born into a corrupted gene pool, thus thwarting God's plan of salvation for the human race.

Matthew 24:22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.

Satan is running to and fro in these last days because he knows his time grows short.

The Holy Spirit told me NOW it was more important than ever to say the blessing over every meal and even your drinks. Satan can not live in or stay in anything Blessed in Jesus name.
Yes there is POWER in the name of Jesus, so use that power and bless your food and drinks, if you pay for it, be safe and say the blessing in Jesus name.

God bless you, God keep you, God make his face shine upon you and give you Peace!

I pray for you all, you are all in my prayers. Amen

God Bless you and God keep you

Watchman Tony Lamb

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