Watchman Tony Lamb

FALLEN ANGELS WAR WITH MEN (Dream of 2-15-2018)

I had a dream and it was my second dream involving Fallen Angels. In this dream I saw several Fallen Angels and they were walking on the earth and destroying EVERYTHING in their path. I did not see how they were doing this, but they were destroying everything and especially people.

What I did see was homes and office buildings literally explode, like when a building has a gas leak and the building just explodes into ball of flames and a million pieces.

They were walking and destroying EVERYTHING in their path. People were cowering in homes and many people were running terrified screaming everywhere and no weapon could harm them.

These Fallen Angels were big, huge and from a distance they looked to be 20 feet tall and as they got closer they got bigger until they looked to be 40 to 50 feet tall when they got close to you.

These beasts were full of rage against mankind. Their rage was actually against God but they knew that they could not touch God so their rage was focused on the people, whom God had loved above them and the very thought of that filled them with rage.

I saw the eyes of one of these beasts and their eyes were full of hate and rage and glowed red as fire embers glow. And again I was reminded that to stare at the eyes of their leader was instant death. So I took it the beast I was observing was not the leader.

Then it went black in my dream and when I reemerged what I saw then, I was in a different situation. I was under a house, under the floor in the crawl space between the floor and the ground and I was there with 3 or 4 other men and they were all scrambling looking for something, anything to dig with.

They were looking for soup cans, a piece of wood anything to dig with as they were frantically digging holes to bury themselves in, (under the house). They did this to hide from the beasts before they got there and destroyed the house they were under.

I remember thinking that their safety was NOT in burying themselves, their safety was in Jesus Christ they were looking for the wrong kind of safety or salvation. I remember trying to talk to them about Jesus but no one looked at me, no one listened, they just kept frantically digging holes to bury themselves in.

Demons and Fallen Angels will be released upon the world one-day, just like it says in the Bible and people will run frantic and hide themselves in the rocks and dens of the mountains.

I don’t know when but I do know it is coming upon the earth during the Great Tribulation.

I remember hearing the term ‘bad aliens’ in relationship to these Fallen Angels. So their must be ‘good aliens’ as well, right? It is all a lie and they are all demons from the pit of hell sent here to deceive and to destroy.

BUT we who are faithful and true to Jesus Christ and in His will and grace and who are Pleasing to God will be Raptured out of here before that comes to pass. Just another good reason to NOT be here. To live for Jesus NOW and skip the Tribulation that is baring down on us and is soon to come.

The time to live for Jesus is NOW and NOT during the Tribulation as you will have a very hard time to live for Jesus during the Tribulation and you and your family will probably have to suffer greatly. And you probably will have your head chopped off for the faith of Jesus as it says in the Bible; ‘their heads will roll for their faith’. So if you insist on going that route, Good luck, as you will need it!

It’s time to get right with God now, right now as a minute from now may be a minute to late.

I pray for you all that you come to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ before it’s to late.

God Bless you and God keep you

Watchman Tony Lamb

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