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I am just the dust of the earth.
But I am Your dirt Lord.


My Special Delivery Package From Heaven

By Tony Lamb

A few years ago I had a rather peculiar dream.

I dreamed I was sitting in my Easy-Boy recliner watching TV.
It was daytime and I was home alone.

Everything was right with the world and I was at peace, comfortable resting in my Easy-Boy.
I don’t remember what was on TV and it was like I was not really interested it was on more for the noise than anything else.

I was sitting there daydreaming at peace relaxing in my Easy-Boy and not a care in the world.

Then all of a sudden a small unmarked white delivery van pulls up in front of my house.
I am thinking this is not all that uncommon as when UPS or FED-EX runs short of trucks they rent trucks to make deliveries with.

The truck just sits there a minute in front of my house and I do not see anyone and I am thinking this too is also normal.

Then the door opens and a man is walking up to my house with a package and a clipboard.
The man has a dark blue uniform with a baseball cap on. And he has some kind of logo on his cap and his uniform that I had never seen before.
And I am thinking this all seems perfectly normal and something that happens to millions of homes nation wide every day.

The man walks up to my door and knocks (as I do not have a doorbell).

I get up and I walk to the door wondering what is up, as I didn’t order anything and I was not expecting anything.

I open the door and the polite, nicely dressed man in his blue uniform says I have a package for you sir and I need you to sign for it.

NOW I am really puzzled and I keep thinking I didn’t order anything. I then started thinking, maybe my wife ordered me something. After all, the package came in my name.

Then I got a thought that terrified me. What if my wife ordered me something that had a re-occurring monthly charge like a ‘Jelly of the Month Club’ and every single month you got your jar of jelly and they dinged your credit card $19.99 every single month for the rest of your life.

I began mumbling under my breath: ‘I didn’t order this’. But now I have it weather I want it or not.

I grudgingly signed the paper on the clipboard and the polite young man handed me my package.

The package was large and thick, I took the package and I went inside my house and I am still thinking:
(Welcome to the Jelly of the Month Club). HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR JELLY?

I took the package to the kitchen table and looked at the package closer, sure enough it had my name on it: Tony Lamb, it had my street address and even the ZIP code was correct.

But I am still mumbling, (what on earth did my wife order me?)

I look at the return address and all it says is: ‘HEAVEN’.

So now I am really puzzled and confused, Now I am thinking,

Then I got another shock, there was NO RETURN address, NO CITY, NO STATE, NO ZIP CODE, NO STREET ADDRESS.
NOW I am thinking I am in a real pickle as now I have no place to return this package to, IF I have to return it. I am thinking what business sends out packages and parcels with NO RETURN address.

I’m thinking, if I have to return this package, good luck on finding Heaven…

I was puzzled and perturbed. How could a business stay in business with out giving out a return address on their packages. NOW I AM SERIOUSLY THINKING: ‘JELLY OF THE MONTH CLUB’.
And you got no place to send the jelly back too.

I couldn’t say I was mad but I was getting there. (But I was upset), but the not knowing was what was so upsetting.

The more I thought about this the more frustrated I became. I was thinking how could my wife do this to me.

I stared at my package lying on my kitchen table from Heaven and I thought, well I can’t send it back no matter what it is, so I might as well open it.

Now if my wife orders me something for Christmas or my Birthday and it’s coming in the mail she will tell me a package is coming for me and NOT to open it.
But this time it was no where near Christmas or my Birthday, so what could it be???

I thought well it has my name on it, (I am going to open it…)

I got a kitchen knife and I carefully cut the tape at the end of the package, I pulled the flap open and I reached in and I pulled out something that was in clear plastic and it was brilliant white.
It was so white it was like it had lights that was lighting up the material.

I pulled the brilliant white material from the plastic bag and I held it up and it was beautiful, it shone vibrant like the sun, like it was giving off it’s own brilliant white light.

I carefully unfolded the material and it was so bright I kept looking for the lights that surely must be hidden in the folds of the material.

But there were no lights in the material, that was just the way the material looked.

I stood and I opened the last folds and then I was shocked and in awe.

What I was holding up was a brilliant white robe from Heaven.
It shown like the sun, it was brilliant white. A full length white robe from Heaven.
That was why the package had no return address as it was from Heaven.

So now I know that God has a sense of humor.

Thank You Jesus

God Bless you and God keep you

Watchman Tony Lamb

I carry my Bible with me where ever I go, out shopping, restaurants, doctors offices everywhere. If you see me out without my Bible it's because I have given my Bible away!

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