Watchman Tony Lamb


I am just the dust of the earth, I am nothing, I am nobody Ė BUT I am Godís Dirt.

Do you want to hear from God?
Do you want him to answer your prayers?

I fell into a rut several months ago. I didnít really feel close to God, not like I had before.

I felt as if my prayers fell on deaf ears.

I found it more difficult to pray a meaningful prayer.
My train of thought would always get sidetracked in my prayers.
I felt the Devil drag me down, tempt me with things of the world.
I knew I had to do something and quick.

I started praying that the Holy Spirit reveal to me why I was feeling this way.

It took a couple days of praying and I was praying 3 and 4 times a day. I would get on my knees at the foot of my bed and just pray and pray, for a revelation from the Holy Spirit.

(I have to explain that for me to get on my knees is no easy task). I have had two total knee replacement surgeries on my left knee. Both surgeries left me worse off than before I even had the surgeries.

I can not walk more than about 10 minutes and if I stand very long I have to find a place to sit down.) Some days I am in constant pain, but other days itís not to bad, but for me to walk or stand is always painful.)

SO for me to get on my knees is very difficult and always painful. But I get on my knees and I humble myself before God as part of my sacrifice to God.

So for me to get on my knees is no easy task. God knows this and this is my way of showing God that I am sincere and that I put him first even above my comfort.) NOW with that said I am NOT asking handicapped people to crawl out of their wheelchairs to get on their knees.

This is for me and this is what I do to humble myself before God. Besides I can get up off my knees without assistance.

If God puts it in your heart to get on your knees that is between you and God. If you are handicapped I am NOT asking or advising you to get on your knees.

Remember that God knows all thing, he knows your heart and he knows if you are able to kneel or not. God can and will hear your prayer from a wheelchair or a bed, just as well, itís the heart and the sincerity that is important.

Finally the Holy Spirit spoke to me in my heart. And what he said was that I had NOT been putting God first.

Everything was becoming more important and first, ahead of God, before I worshiped God or my sacrifice to God.

With my tithes what I was paying was what was left over after my bills and expenses and I was NOT paying God first.

I was only praying at night before I went to bed and sometimes I would forget or sometimes I would just say a short prayer.

NOW when I wake up and while I am still lying in bed I pray to God before my head even leaves the pillow.

Then I will get on my knees at the foot of my bed in the morning and pray again.

I humble myself before God. I put God first and everything else second.

When I get paid, I go and get a money order to pay my tithes at my church BEFORE I pay anything else, even before I spend money on anything I pay God first.

God not only deserves to be first (after all He did die on the cross for our sins). God demands to be first.
Where would we be if God put US second or third?

When the ancient Jews preformed sacrifices they were instructed to ONLY offer the first fruits or the perfect spotless lamb as a sacrifice to God.

These Jews were so serious about this perfect lamb they would bring it in their homes to raise it, to keep it warm and comfortable and they would only feed it milk and honey. They did all this so they would be sacrificing a perfect and worthy offering to God. That God would accept and bless them for their offering.

God will NOT accept or bless an offering or sacrifice that is not (the best, the first fruits or if you short God).

Want a closer walk with God, then give God his due and not only in lip service. But give unto God all things that are due unto God. There is a saying that Ďwords are cheapí and sometimes they donít mean anything at all.

God knows all things. And if all you have to give is one rusty old penny God knows that.

But if you are rich and give $10,000 to the church or the poor, God knows what you have. (Who will God give his blessing too?)

Humble yourself before God, put yourself and your comfort second and PUT GOD FIRST (FAST if your health allows for it) AND PRAY.
And you will hear from God.

God will answer your prayers, maybe not how you want or as fast as you would like but (God will show up). God shows himself to me in surprising and in amazing ways.

Even with my knee problems God has blessed me in more ways than I can count.

It helps if you attend a Holy Spirit filled church with a group of faith filled Jesus followers who love beyond measure and who teach and follow the full word of God in the KJV Bible.

We have had several church services where the minister didn't even get to preach as the Holy Spirit just took control of our service and people started shouting, lifting there hands to heaven and speaking in tongs and everyone was shouting in the spirit.

I have seen people literally RUN to the altar. Now that is my kind of service where you go to church and GOD SHOWS UP... In a situation like this you just let God take control and join in.

I will stand with God because in the end WE WIN. And all our sacrifice will be worth it in the end.

God bless you, God keep you, God make his face shine upon you and give you Peace.

I am nothing, I am nobody Ė I am forgiven that is all I am.

The Holy Spirit gave me this warning a couple months ago:

Now Ė Itís like Watching the Clock Tick Down to an Execution.

For we have all sinned and fallen short in the eyes of God.

And if it were NOT for the Blood of Jesus we would all have a date with the Executioner.

God bless you, God keep you is my prayer.

Watchman Tony Lamb

I carry my Bible with me where ever I go, out shopping, restaurants, doctors offices everywhere. If you see me out without my Bible it's because I have given my Bible away!

Maybe you should consider 'Picking up your cross (your Bible) and follow Jesus' Remember if you deny Jesus before men Jesus will deny you to the Father.

you can write me at: Tony Lamb, P.O. Box 41, Dardanelle, AR 72834 USA