Watchman Tony Lamb

What If

This is purely hypothetical:
But what if you were told by the Holy Spirit that: Ďyou only had ONLY 7 days to work for the Lord to bring in the lost, (just 7 days) and then you would be taken away at noon on the seventh day. What would you do today, tomorrow, the next day and the day after that. Every day would be precious a virtual gift from God to work diligently, feverishly in the Lords work only stopping to sleep. And I bet you would not be getting much sleep.

That is the urgency the Holy Spirit put in my heart, more than just our time is short. Everyone has heard that so much they don't even acknowledge those words any longer. But still (our time is short), very short. The church has been saying for 2000 years the Rapture can happen any second, So much so that people have grown callous to it.

Watching the news now is watching Revelation unfold before us. Signs are being fulfilled on top of signs,
These Are The Last Days

BUT the Holy Spirit has impressed upon me that our time is (ever so short). Day by day is one less day to the Rapture. We have a date set, it could be today, tomorrow or next week but it is soon and itís not off 50 years from now. It is not a fable or a fairy tale but it is a literal event the Bible talks about in multiple scriptures.

Every Christian needs to be aware of this coming event and be in prayer and be watching for this event. As this event, the Rapture will be like no other event ever in the history of the world. And just like God took Enoch and Elijah God will take us and deliver us, the faithful from the hour of testing.

Can you imagine the chaos that will ensue when millions of people all over the earth go missing? But itís more than that, you will have Mothers with babies in their belly (and they will go missing). You will have babies and small children all over the earth will go missing also.

That is why this day is referred to as a terrible day but also as a joyous day also. God will manifest his power for everyone to see on that day more so since the parting of the Red Sea and the deliverance of Israel from bondage in Egypt.

We will be delivered from our bondage just as the ancient Jews were so many years ago.

When that day comes all work in the Lord will cease on the earth for those Raptured. But for those left behind their terror is only beginning.

You, me and others have worked diligently in the Lord to try to tell people that THIS day was coming, (a day like no other).

A day where the wheat and the tares would be separated. I have worked so hard to get this message out to the people to warn people that this day was coming.

I have been shown terrible dreams and visions about the Tribulation. Why would anyone refuse to hear and head my message?
I guess they donít believe.

Just like they didnít believe Jeremiah. They called him a false prophet of doom and gloom also. Jeremiah was not only ridiculed he was jailed and punished severely for prophesying against Israel.

They didnít want to hear his message but that didnít make his message wrong, just unpopular.

And just like Jeremiah I take no pleasure in being proven right in the end.
For if just one person goes to hell than I will feel like I have failed.

What would you do if the Holy Spirit told you: Ďyou only have 7 days,
(and it was time to go to workí).

And NO the Holy Spirit did NOT tell me we had 7 days, what I was told was, we might not have 7 days,
we might not have 30 days. I guess we will know when that trumpet sounds.

That is why I write books and make videos.
That is why I printed business cards for my church.

That is why I buy Bibles to give away at my church & elsewhere.
That is why I had yard signs printed up with my church info on it.

That is why I carry my Bible everywhere I go, shopping, out to eat, my doctors office, driving, everywhere.
If you see me out without a Bible itís because I have given my Bible away.

The Holy Spirit told me to pick up my cross and follow Jesus.
And THAT is what I am trying to do.
That is all I am trying to do is to be pleasing to God.

I want desperately to please God and show him that I am NOT wasting time and that I am working while the sun still shines.

I still work today.

Ezekiel 39:8 Behold it is come, and it is done, saith God; this is the day whereof I have spoken

I do not brag or boast in telling you this, I only wanted to give you ideas of things you could do for your church also.

All my works are counted as dung if I do not put Jesus first.
I put Jesus first in everything I do.

After all who died on the cross for your sins and mine, who shed their blood for remission of your sins and mine. You owe Jesus more that just 10% you owe Jesus everything.

Am I perfect Ė NO, I am just forgiven and I will make mistakes but I would rather make a mistake in working for the Lord than to do nothing in fear of making a mistake.

But I will terry on until the day of the Blessed Hope and God takes us out of here and takes us home.

For we are going home soon!

God Bless You and God Keep You In Perfect Peace

Watchman Tony Lamb

I carry my Bible with me where ever I go, out shopping, restaurants, doctors offices everywhere. If you see me out without my Bible it's because I have given my Bible away!

Maybe you should consider 'Picking up your cross (your Bible) and follow Jesus' Remember if you deny Jesus before men Jesus will deny you to the Father.

you can write me at: Tony Lamb, P.O. Box 41, Dardanelle, AR 72834 USA